ECG Gel 5000ml

ECG Gel 5000ml

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    The usage of ECG Gel is quite extensive. Briefl y, it is used for several purposes such as ultrasound procedures, ECG procedures, cardiac stress tests; ECG electrodes, epilation procedures etc. Thanks to the high viscosity active ingredients it contains and the vacuum technology used in its production, it does not harm the devices. It is not aff ected by the salt in the body during use.Provides comfort in application. It is hypoallergenic, does not irritate the skin. It is water soluble. It is easyto clean, does not contain oil and oily substances. It does not contain formaldehyde and salt. It has notoxic eff ect, odorless, suitable for all skin types



    Units ValueUnits in BoxBox SizesBarcode
    250 ml45 Adet/Pcs33×35, 5×23 8 680525 621007
    500 ml24 Adet/Pcs31×5,47×18 8 680525 620031
    1000 ml20 Adet/Pcs31,5x40x28 8 680525 620017
    5000 ml4 Adet/Pcs28x5x38x25 8 680525 620024
    5000 ml2 Adet/Pcs19x38x30,5 8 680525 620024