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Aqua Medikal

Aqua Medical, which aims to increase product quality and variety in the field of health with new products since its establishment, and to contribute to human health, takes firm steps towards its goal by integrating its Research & Development and Production facility.

In addition to developing own brands,  it continues to develop new brands and products that will be offered to production upon completion of the R&D process. It focuses on product development in the medical field only, with its advanced technological facilities and competent expert staff in its production and R&D facilities.

From Yesterday to Today

In 2012 As Aqua Medikal in the medical sector we said, “We are here too” and started mass production of Ultrasound Gel, Ecg Gel, Laser Hair Removal Gel and Cosmetic Gel and Thermo Gel.

In 2013 ISO Certification process applied and Ministry of Health licensing process started.

In 2014 CE Certification was done and we were entitled to receive the certificate. Production of X-ray bath solution, EEG paste, Tool and Surface Disinfectant has started.

In 2015 Mass production started after ‘Hydrogen peroxide’ and ‘Povioderm’ Biocidal Product Production licenses were obtained from the Ministry of Health. Not only that, Silver nitrate Pen and Silver Nitrate Stick have been added to our product range and our first export was

In 2016 We included antiseptic solutions and vaseline for pharmacies in our product range. 3 more countries joined our export portfolio.

In 2017 We participated in the first exposition in Tuyap. Our stand was shown great interest by domestic and international visitors. Also our company headquarters moved to a larger and wider location.

In 2018 We attended the Arab Health Expo, which was our first international exposition and held in Dubai. Then we attended ExpoMed in Istanbul.

In 2019 We re-participated in Arab Health Expo and ExpoMed.

In 2020 Due to the pandemic, we started mass production of hand and skin disinfectants, tool and surface disinfectants.

R&D and Our Brands

As Aqua Medikal, we know that the main condition of being permanent and making a difference in the sector is R&D activities and we are constantly working to contribute to human health.

With our experienced R & D staff in the Field of new products and brands both in Turkey and in the world, we develop patented innovative products tailored to the needs of the era. We commence mass production our brands and products, which are the result of our R&D activities. And then we carry out the distribution to institutions and organizations in Turkey through hospitals, pharmacies and pharmaceutical warehouses.

As Aqua Medikal, we continue our existence and constantly expand the limits in
many parts of the world with more than 150 product types.Categorizing the product range at this point enables us to act fast.Our products are registered by us in different brands without any change in quality.We offer different brands with your preferences.

Our Brands and Their Categories;

  • AquaMed: Radiology Products, Hand And Skin Antiseptics
  • AquaTouch: Laboratory Products, Medical Device and Surface Disinfectants
  • AquaSonic: Radiology Products, Medical Products
  • AquaSeptica: Treatment Aid Products, Hand And Skin Antiseptics
  • Batiqon: Treatment Aid Products, Surgical Products
  • Povioderm: Treatment Aid Products, Surgical Products

Our Certificates

Aqua Medikal gives importance to the standards of its services, it practises internationally valid quality standards. In line with the quality standards, regular inspections are provided every year, improvements are made in accordance with the developments through training and regulation studies.

Certificates we have; 

  • ISO 13485:2016 Medical Devices Quality Management System
  • ISO 9001:2015 Health Products Production Quality Management System
  • GMP (Good Manufacturing practices)

We know that customer satisfaction is possible with world-class production systems and quality management system and as a company, we continue our work in line with this awareness. We are manufacturing and providing services in significant sector such as healthcare. In order to improve ourselves, we periodically gather feedback from all our partners and reinforce our strengths. We carefully note the feedback we receive by phone, mail or face-to-face communication and bring them to the agenda in our monthly meetings. The feedbacks we collect from intermediaries and consumers that interact directly with the product are our guides in the field of development. We do not abstain from control, not only with qualification certificates, but also conscientiously.Our whole aim is to add value to human health and to be beneficial to the society.

Expositions We Attended

  • 2018: Arab Health and ExpoMed
  • 2019: Arab Health and ExpoMed
  • 2021: ExpoMed

Our Products

Hand & Skin Antiseptics;

  • Batiqon 30/100/1000/5000mL: In hygienic surgery and hand disinfection, 3-5 ml with concentrated state is used. It is for disinfection of surgical sites and for antiseptic washes.It is applied by application of a cloth or by direct application to the application area.
  • Povioderm: In hygienic surgery and hand disinfection, 3-5 ml with concentrated state is used.
  • Zefiran: It is used at the concentrations indicated in the usage table. It is used for skin, mucous membrane, hand and surgical glove cleaning before surgery. Moreover, it is used as an antiseptic disinfectant for bladder, urethra and vaginal washing.
  • Hand and Skin Sanitizer:  It is used in medical clinics, pre-surgical antiseptics injections; to protect and maintain personal hygiene, particularly in the winter months, in schools and public transportation areas, to prevent infectious diseases spread. Furthermore, it is used to prevent infectious diseases spreading in risky areas such as operating rooms, intensive care units and medical clinics in which money is swapped into the hands of countless people. It is used for wherever hand and skin hygiene are necessary after common use of all kinds of equipment. It does not damage hands and skin. It provides deep softness thanks to the ingredients.
  • Alcoholic Wipes: usually used to clean the area before injection and then to remove blood from it. Another area of use is to wipe the surface to be disinfected.

Surgical Products;

  • Surgical Mask: It serves to protect the respiratory system against external factors, such as viruses, viruses and bacteria.
  • Hibitin 1000/5000mL: It is used in washing of hygienic/surgical hands, skin and wound surroundings; hygienic washing of surgical sites for presurgical preparation. The entire surface of the surgical site should be covered with film layer and 3-5 ml, concentrated form should be used. Apply it directly to the surfaces indicated in usage.

Radiology Products;

  • ECG Gel 5L: The usage of ECG Gel is quite extensive. Briefly, it is used for several purposes such as ultrasound procedures, ECG procedures, cardiac stress tests; ECG electrodes, epilation procedures etc. Active ingredients do not damage the devices owing to high viscosity and vacuum technology used in production. It is not affected by the salt in the body during use. It provides comfort in practice. It is hypoallergenic. It does not irritate the skin. It is water-soluble. It is easy to clean. It does not contain oil and oily substances. It does not contain formaldehyde and salt. It does not have toxic effect. It is odorless and suitable for all skin types.
  • EEG Paste: EEG Paste that is used in brain EEG procedures, helps electrode to easily adhere hair and provides conductivity thanks to its active ingredients.
  • Gentian Violet: Crystal violet or gentian violet is a triarylmethane dye used as a histological stain and in the method of grading bacteria of Gram. Crystal violet has antibacterial, antifungal and anthelmintic properties, and it was previously important as a topical antiseptic.
  • Developer/Fixer X-Ray Solution 1000/5000mL: It is used for develop of X-ray films and for creating high quality images.

Laboratory Products;

  • Distilled Water 1000/5000mL: It is used as pure water in laboratories, in experiments and tests and in dilution of chemical substances.


  • Cosmetic Gel: It provides extended lifetime for the device by cooling the head and glass of it. The active substances does not damage the device thanks to the vacuum technology and high viscosity used in its production. It is not affected from the salt on the body during the use. It provides comfort in application.
  • Liquid/Solid Vaseline: It is used as an electrical insulating material in various industries. It is used in textile industry, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics industry, plastic and electrical materials manufacturing, isolation of vaccination sites in viniculture.

Medical Device and Surface Disinfectants;

  • Aqua Dex 1000/5000mL: Filled in a clean and closed container. 100 ml, activation buffer given with the product is added to 5 L, of AQUA DEX. (in order to make pH level between 7,5-8,5). Pre-cleaned instruments are immersed into the container so as to contact all of the surfaces with solutions and the container is closed. After action time is completed, instruments are removed from the container and rinsed with sterile or distilled water. AQUA DEX solution should be used within 28 days. However, it is advised to change the solution in case of visible contamination and organic waste formation. It is suitable for ultrasonic washing machines.
  • Aqua Surface Cleaner 1000/5000mL: It is a ready to use product. It is suitable for where in high-risk areas such as hospitals, and used for contaminated surfaces and fixtures with blood and body secretion, floor/ surface areas, walls, floors, non-thermal bathtubs, dosing devices, furniture, toilets, sliding, including pvc floors all types of washable surfaces and floors.
  • Savlon Consentrate 1000/5000mL: Savlon Concentrated Medical Instrument Disinfectant which is an odorous and concentrated disinfectant that binds strongly to the surface with its lipophilic properties, is a quaternary ammonium compound and is in bisbiguanide structure. Usage: Savlon Concentrated can be used on all kinds of washable surfaces including washable surfaces disinfection, thermometers, respiratory equipment, inhaler mouthpieces, furniture surfaces and inventories; disinfection of non-thermal bathtubs with dipping method, dosing units, beds, sponges, bathtubs, sinks, toilets, and mops. It does not contain aldehyde and its derivatives. It does not contain phenol.
  • Sodium Hypochlorite: It is generally used as a disinfectant in waters and as a bleaching agent in different sectors..
  • Ethyl alcohol: In clinics and surgeries, injection, pre-function disinfection, protection and maintenance of personal hygiene, especially in schools and public transportation areas during the winter months, preventing the spread of influenza diseases, preventing infectious disease from getting infected in money areas such as surgery, intensive care services and practices. It is used in all places where hand and skin hygiene is required after the common use of all kinds of vehicles. It does not wear out the hands and skin, it provides softness in depth thanks to its additive.

Personal Care Products;

  • Glycerine 35/1000mL: It is used as a softener in hand and skin cracks. It is also used as ear drops according to the doctor’s advice.
  • Ketonozol Shampoo: It’s prevents fungi from growing on the skin. It cleans the area where the drug will be used on the skin. It is useful in preventing dandruff in hair.

Tablets & Capsules;

  • ID-alG:4 Seasons Weight Control Reduces 50% by preventing fat & carbohydrate digestion. It regulates the shape of the body. Weight control is now in your own hands.

Baby & Child Care;

  • Aqua Breast Milk Storage Bags: Sterilized with gamma ray, do not need to be washed before use.

Treatment Aid Products;

  • Glucose 50/75/100g: Used in chemical industry, leather manufacturing and in certain drugs, oral glucose tolerance tests and cancer researches.
  • Bicarbonate de Soude: To neutralize the stomach acid, 5 g 2-3 hours after meals. Externally, 2-5% burns and 4% solutions are used in wounds. It is used in making alkaline water
  • Rivanol: It is an antibacterial drug that kills germs on the skin or prevents them from developing. It is used to prevent infection (antisepsis) by killing germs that cause infection or by preventing their development.
  • Silver Nitrate Stick/Pen: Used for gynecology, ENT and dermatology, cauterization of the skin and mucous membranes, removal of warts and granulation tissue; to stop the bleeding of nose, to stop bleeding in small surgical interventions.
  • Aqua Nose Spray/Drops: Cold, nasal congestion, hay fever, nasal congestions, deviation and nasal dryness, nasal and nasal congestion of milk and baby children, moistening of the mucous dryness of the nasal mucosa, which is disturbed by the cold and flu infections, and the softening of the nasal mucosa. It is used to normalize the swelling, if any.
  • Permol: It is used to eliminate scabies in the body.

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